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Build a brand that has your clients


What I do?

Build a strong brand story that has your target market

Skyrocket your social media
game with my  proven method.

Utilize Social Media to grow your profit!

Faith Breaux

Business and social media expert and consultant

Hi, I'm Faith.
I specialize in brick and mortar marketing, and can coach you to grow your social media to build your brand and profit. I have years of marketing experience under my belt with a Digital Marketing Degree to back it up. When I take on a new client, they know that I will pursue the highest ROI for their business while also building their brand's equity through digital channels. That means creating content that speaks to customers' needs and wants while still resonating with them emotionally. Here at Kibreeze we ensure the highest quality of marketing strategies that work; Just ask me how.


What I offer?

1 on 1 coaching with 3 months in depth trainings, step by step guides and so much more!

Courses and Ebooks to help you excel on social media and grow your profit!

Social media marketing and management for businesses. (brick and mortar and ecommerce)

"Highly recommend!"

It feels great to have faith in someone or something again. I had almost lost hope when the pandemic hit, but then Faith and her team came along! They've helped me put my business back on track so we can continue doing what matters most - providing quality products at reasonable prices while giving people peace of mind through safety standards that are second-to none

Jenna M

"She was a dream to work with!"

Kibreeze Marketing not only reports on analytics but takes time to really compare and contrast results. Furthermore they have offered actionable recommendations that help overall business consistency as well as ad-specific enhancements, which is something we were looking specifically for! They've raised the bar when it comes down marketing management with their team's dedication in providing customer service expectations at an all new level of excellence - one I haven't seen anywhere else yet (and believe me; my search has been extensive). If you're considering them yourself then don’t hesitate because your success depends solely upon how satisfied clients like myself are



"Best investment ever!"

Faith and her team are the best at what they do. They have integrity, professionalism, personality - everything you want in a marketer! If your company needs an edge or just wants to feel good about itself then give them call today because these guys will make it happen for ya!


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